Sunday, January 8, 2012

Surprise on Landen's 30th birthday!!

Landen's 30th birthday was yesterday. We celebrated by having both of our families over for homemade pizza and dessert (totally forgot to get the icecream out so now I have a freezer FULL of icecream). We got a special cake made for Landen. Pink and purple. ha ha. When I brought it out to sing happy birthday everyone kept saying why is it pink? Thats funny it's pink. They couldn't see what was written on it because I was holding it up high. After he blew the candles out we showed them and said we were having a baby girl! We hadn't even told our families that we were expecting baby #4 so they got two surprises. The first was that I was pregnant and the seconed that it was a girl. I am so happy to have finally told everyone. It was so HARD for me to keep it in that long. Everyone was surprised and it made Landen's birthday that much more fun!

We look forward to adding another little girl to our family and Andie just can't even wait to finally have a baby sister. Yes we are a little crazy.Yes it has been extremely hard to have to take care of a baby (Jaxon) while I have been really sick and throwing up but I am feeling much better now. Jaxon and this little girl will be 16 months apart. Logan will turn 3 in May so we will have 3 kids under the age of 3. It will be hard but being a Mother is one of the best things I will ever do in this life.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A year in review 2011

I really wanted to find the time to go back and catch up on every thing that we did this past year with its individual posts (I still might). For right now I am going put some pictures on from the past year. You can watch Jaxon grow up before your eyes. ha ha. The last pictures I posted of him was when he was born and he will be turning one at the end of this month. Pretty crazy. There are so many pictures but at least I am all caught up.

Valentines Day

My sister and her new baby Noah, Charly and Jaxon

Jaxon's Blessing


Landen Graduates

Doing Charly's hair

Andie cut her own harid. This is after Lisa did what she could to fix it. Looks pretty good. I was so sad she cut her curls off.

Andie's last day at pre-school with Miss Becky

Logan turns 2

Art City Days parade

Troy and Andreas wedding

Andie went to a princess tea party

Corn Maze

Andie's 5th birthday party
Andie's first day of school

Childrens garden at thanksgiving point

Sand Dunes
Andie turns 5!!

We hiked Ensign Peak

Andie got her first bee sting
We traumatized Jaxon. We forgot his jammies and this is all grandma had.

Went fishing

Went to Gardner Village.....

and temple square in the same day

The new Spirngville Library opened


Kids helping dad change light bulb
Went and saw "The Savior of the World" and ate at the Garden

Made a ginger bread house

My friend Hilary and her baby Mary came and visited from Washington

Christmas Eve party

Hopefully this next year I can find the time to be better at blogging so I can have a better record for my family.